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23 Nov

New Radar Guns for District 10 in San Antonio

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Bigger is always better and faster is always more fun, right? Well, not according to some people. Every year car companies come out with new models that always seem to focus on improving certain areas of the cars; technology, comfort, …

24 Oct

Product in Focus: Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar Gun

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Everything is becoming pocket sized in today’s technological world. Smaller phones, smaller computers, smaller cars. So why not smaller radar guns? Today’s product in focus is the Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar Gun. This pocket sized radar gun

03 Oct

Product in Focus: Bushnell Velocity Speed Sports Radar Gun

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If you are ever in the market of needing to know how fast something is going, you should check out the Bushnell Velocity Speed Sports Radar Gun. Whether it is a car, a motorcycle or bike, or any type …

18 Sep

To Radar or Not to Radar, That is the Question

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If you are someone who loves to drive fast and finds it hard to obey thePenn Police Radar laws of the road by driving above the speed limit, then I would suggest moving to Pennsylvania. It turns out that Pennsylvania is …

04 Sep

Radar Guns: Back in Time

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Have you ever wondered where or when the first radar gun came into existence?  Well, I have, so I did a little investigating of my own.  It turns out that radar guns were invented shortly after World War II in …

20 Aug

Illinois: From 65 To 70 MPH

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All police officers and law enforcement better get their radar guns ready in the state of Illinois.  Governor Pat Quinn recently approved the increase of the speed limit on rural interstate highways to go from 65 mph to 70 mph.  …

01 Aug

SpeedTrac X Radar Gun

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I ran across SpeedTrac X Radar Gun on OpticsPlanet.com and it really caught my eye.  This is a hands-free radar gun that can be used with almost any sport.  With the sports fanatic that I am, it is very appealing …

09 Jul

Puducherry, India Tries to Control Reckless Driving

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The Puducherry Police Department is getting concerned about the amount of car accidents that are happening especially on the well traveled road of East Coast Road (ECR), which travels along a good majority of India’s southern east coast.  One way …

08 Jul

The Radar “Beam”

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The radar beam is a directional signal that is transmitted from the radar antenna that is very similar to the light of a flashlight.  The beam that is transmitted from the radar gun is conical in shape and continues to …

02 Jul

Police Radar Guns

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Hey readers, I’m back with some more great information about radar guns.  Last post I talked about how Doppler Radar works.  This post I will take a moment to talk about how that technology is used in some of …