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13 Dec

Radar Guns Help Tennis Player Swing in New Record

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Sports radar guns have made an impact in a variety of different sports, these devices have opened up access to a vast amount of information that is important in relation to various sports. With the use of radar guns, athletes …

10 Oct

Scientists Shrink Down Radar Gun Usage on an Atomic Level

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I recently read an article online that talked about two physicists from Vermont who developed a way to use X-rays at the atomic level in the form of a radar gun. As soon as I read this I was immediately …

07 Aug

Phones Can Now Become Radar Guns!

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Have you ever hit a baseball so hard that it went flying super fast across the field? I’m sure you were curious as to how fast it was traveling. Well now you can find that information out in an instant …

13 Jun

New Technology Will Crack Down on Texting and Driving

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Throughout the years beginning from the creation of the radar gun, there have been many modifications and improvements that have been made to the device over time. Fast forward to today’s day and age and we are about to …

22 Oct

Official Radar Gun of MLB

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Now that the first game of the 2014 MLB World Series is underway, we find it extremely fitting to talk about the radar gun they count on to provide viewers with the pitch speed.

The Stalker Pro 2 is the …

05 Jul

Revisiting Kerry Wood’s Early Pitches Under the Radar

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Looking back 14 years ago at perhaps one of the best pitching performances by a rookie I had ever seen on cable television was recently retired Cubs pitcher Kerry Woods. It was May 6th, 1998 when the rookie took the …

04 Apr

$101 Million Worth of Tickets Clocked in by Radar Guns Alone

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My jaw dropped as soon as I heard about how much money Virginia Law Enforcement collected from paid revenue by speeders in 2010 after finally being released a couple of days ago. They claimed a whopping $101 million across 75,000 …

09 Mar

Discover The Fast and the Furious with Radar Guns!!

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I just read over this article that showed a couple of unique cars that could definitely pack a punch in any race. The Geneva Motor Show is home to some of the fastest, coolest and most importantly, street-legal automobiles

09 Mar

Police Utilize the new LIDAR Radar Gun

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I was just overlooking some of the latest and coolest radar guns on the market when I stumbled upon the newly developed Digital Ally LIDAR Laser Beam! The word “LIDAR” stands for “Light Detection And Ranging” and the unique …

08 Mar

Rookie Pitcher Yu Darvish On the Radar

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For all you
Darvish was put to the test in spring training against the Rangers’ top hitters Ian Kinsler, Elvis Andrus, Josh Hamilton and Adrian Beltre. He ended up throwing 21 pitches, 12 of those being strikes. Radar guns clocked …