13 Dec

Radar Guns Help Tennis Player Swing in New Record

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Sports radar guns have made an impact in a variety of different sports, these devices have opened up access to a vast amount of information that is important in relation to various sports. With the use of radar guns, athletes have been able to not only improve their performance but at the same time they were able to break records. Now when taking a look back into the year 2012 an Australian tennis player Samuel Groth set the world record for the fastest speed ever recorded to date. His swing was recorded at 163.7 mph which was 3.7 mph more than the previous record that was set.

This performance really shows that talented individuals exist in any sport as long as they put their minds to it. When looking back at this moment, none of it would be possible without the use of radar guns to record the speed of the tennis ball.

Moments like these really stand out as inspiration for other athletes as they seek to better themselves in their own specific sports. So go out today and equip yourself with a sports radar gun and start tracking your steps on the path to breaking your own personal records!

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