10 Oct

Scientists Shrink Down Radar Gun Usage on an Atomic Level

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I recently read an article online that talked about two physicists from Vermont who developed a way to use X-rays at the atomic level in the form of a radar gun. As soon as I read this I was immediately fascinated that radar gun technology can be used in many different areas. This truly is an example of the fact that this is not limited to both sports and law enforcement. Scientists can also benefit greatly from using the Doppler effect. In this particular case it is being used to measure the motion and the velocity of a variety of groups of atoms to understand how they function. What makes this a neat story is the fact that this shows how even X-rays can mimic the technology that is used in radar guns. The way this is used is that through the tuning of the X-rays, the scientists can study the motion and the grouping of the various atomic groups.

Image Courtesy of Phys.org

Breakthroughs in scientific studies like these are always very informative because they can lead to other discoveries down the road. While this is primarily related to atoms and the study of them, there is one thing that made all of this possible and it all comes back to the radar gun technology.

Advancements like these in the technological world make me wonder what other possible uses there are out there in the world for radar guns. I suppose only time can show me what other various methods are out there. In the mean time I am very curious to see what information will present itself to all of us in the future!

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