07 Aug

Phones Can Now Become Radar Guns!

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Have you ever hit a baseball so hard that it went flying super fast across the field? I’m sure you were curious as to how fast it was traveling. Well now you can find that information out in an instant with the “SCOUTEE” product for your smart phone!

Image Courtesy of SCOUTEE

Image Courtesy of SCOUTEE

In a sport like baseball, statistics are very important and athletes are constantly attempting to improve their performance based on the results that they are producing. But there can be a hassle of recording all of your data on a specific radar gun. Well now with this portable device the convenience of having all of your data stored on your phone is something that will be appealing to athletes seeking to improve their performance in a baseball game.

What makes “SCOUTEE” unique is that it is the first of its kind, a smart radar gun. Through communication with your phone it can provide accurate results through a set of different data. This data can be then recorded and viewed as a video or seen in a data overlay.

I remember seeing this product when it was still on a crowdfunding website and it was fairly new. Now this product is something that is recognized worldwide throughout the baseball community.

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