13 Jun

New Technology Will Crack Down on Texting and Driving

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Throughout the years beginning from the creation of the radar gun, there have been many modifications and improvements that have been made to the device over time. Fast forward to today’s day and age and we are about to see another major change to the radar gun industry! A Virginia based company called Comsonics is in the process of developing a radar gun that can detect drivers who are texting and driving.

Traditionally a radar gun is used for tracking the speed of a moving object while utilizing the Doppler effect. With the new advancement in technology Comsonics will make it possible to not only continue regular usage of the radar gun, but at the same time they will utilize radio frequencies to monitor cell phones.

The specific product model that is going to be released is called the “Sniffer Sleuth” which sounds like a fitting name for such an advanced device. This radar gun will really sniff out the reckless drivers and reduce the amount of accidents that take place in the United States. I personally believe this is a great advancement in technology and it will also give law enforcement the right tool to implement driving laws.

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