22 Oct

Official Radar Gun of MLB

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Photo Courtesy of USA Today

Photo Courtesy of USA Today

Now that the first game of the 2014 MLB World Series is underway, we find it extremely fitting to talk about the radar gun they count on to provide viewers with the pitch speed.

The Stalker Pro 2 is the official radar gun of all 30 MLB teams. Major League Baseball doesn’t just go with any radar gun either. Considering the importance of accurate pitch speed readings, they went with a unit that had features that would deliver the utmost consistency.

Stalker Pro 2

Stalker Pro 2

Allowing users the ability to measure speeds up to 500 feet away is a big big deal. This model offers several different modes including a baseball mode which is what i’d like to focus on. In this mode the bi-directional Stalker Pro II measures the peak aka release speed and plate aka roll-down speed of a pitch, as well as the velocity of a batted ball traveling in the opposite direction. Whats really awesome is that all three speeds display at the same time!

Stalker Pro II

Stalker Pro II

The Stalker Pro II  also comes with a slough of included accessories.

  • LED Speed Sign
  • Standard Deluxe Tripod
  • Hard Case
  • Battery Charging System
  • Cables, mounts and Manuals

Although it may be a tad bit on the expensive side, rest assured knowing that if the pro’s use it then it’ll outperform your expectations.

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