23 Nov

New Radar Guns for District 10 in San Antonio

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Bigger is always better and faster is always more fun, right? Well, not according to some people. Every year car companies come out with new models that always seem to focus on improving certain areas of the cars; technology, comfort, convenience, performance, and engine power. But is more always better? Faster cars mean that people will be driving faster and in turn be more dangerous. Some people have begun to take measures to try to keep a lid on the increasing traffic violations in their community.

The City Council in San Antonio, TX has approved the request of Councilman Carlton Soules from District 10 to use roughly $18,000 of the city budget funds to purchase four new radar guns and two radar trailers. These funds are usually spent on community events throughout the year but Soules decided it would be more beneficial to utilize the funds for something long-term. “This is a investment that should last us many years in the district. It’s something the neighborhoods wanted and we were able to do,” said Soules. [citation]

The radar guns will be primary used by SAPD Officers to monitor more heavily trafficked areas known for speeders. Other areas that will be monitored are schools zones and neighborhoods that also see a lot of speed traffic.

I think this is a step in the right direction when it comes to traffic safety. I’ll admit I find myself not paying attention to the posted speed limit at times which is a very bad habit. But if we can cut back on speeding an increase safety out on the roads then we may just be able to save some lives. What are your thoughts on traffic safety and speeding motorists?


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