24 Oct

Product in Focus: Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar Gun

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Everything is becoming pocket sized in today’s technological world. Smaller phones, smaller computers, smaller cars. So why not smaller radar guns? Today’s product in focus is the Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar Gun. This pocket sized radar gun is considered the next generation of speed radar technology. It has helped countless number of Athletes improve their games and is sure to help yours as well.

Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar Gun

Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar Gun

The Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar Gun fits in the palm of your hand so you can take it anywhere you want to go and is extremely easy to use. It is accurate to +/- 1 MPH for a baseball up to 120 feet away, or even a car up to half a mile away. Not only will it measure ball or car speed, but will register lower speeds including runners. This would be useful to know each runners speed out of the batter’s box as well as their speed around the bases so you can put in your fastest players for optimal scoring chances. A useful feature on this hand held radar gun is the re-call button. It allows you to re-call the previous 10 speeds for comparisons.

Some popular sports that have been to utilize the Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar Gun are: baseball, softball, tennis, golf, racing, hockey, track & field, volleyball, soccer, football, lacrosse, and even cricket. This radar gun can be used as a professional tool or simply a training tool. Also, with it being made with the same plastic as hockey helmets, you know it will be durable and last a long time. Pick your Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar Gun / Sports Training Tool at OpticsPlanet.com. What would you use this radar gun for?


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