03 Oct

Product in Focus: Bushnell Velocity Speed Sports Radar Gun

Posted by Will Schueneman on

If you are ever in the market of needing to know how fast something is going, you should check out the Bushnell Velocity Speed Sports Radar Gun. Whether it is a car, a motorcycle or bike, or any type of sporting ball, the Velocity Speed Sport will do the trick.  This radar gun is a great tool that is very easy to use and extremely accurate. You can find it right now at OpticsPlanet.com.

Bushnell Velocity Speed Sport

Bushnell Velocity Speed Sport Radar Gun

This radar gun has several features that make it unique and sets it apart from other radar devices. Simplicity was the motto when the Bushnell Velocity Speed Sport was made. It has an easy to use pistol grip that you just need to point and shoot. Once the trigger is released the speed is displayed clearly on a large LCD monitor in either MPH or KPH, whichever the user prefers. And one of the great things about this Bushnell product is its accuracy being as close to 1 MPH or 2 KPH. This is because of the use of the best digital technology and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to help provide that accuracy in real time.

This is truly a great product at is extremely handy to have is you are a police officer or a baseball scout, or even if you are curious on how fast different things are. I would get the most out of it right now during baseball season myself.  With playoffs just starting this year it would be fun to bring the Bushnell Velocity Speed Sports Radar Gun to a game and see how fast the pitchers are throwing. What would you use this radar gun for?


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