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Radar Guns: Back in Time

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Have you ever wondered where or when the first radar gun came into existence?  Well, I have, so I did a little investigating of my own.  It turns out that radar guns were invented shortly after World War II in the 1940’s.  By the time that the interstate highways were being constructed in the 1950’s, radar guns were all over the place.  Police officers needed some way to keep the new highways from turning into the Daytona 500.

Buffalo Squad Car

Buffalo Police Squad Car in 1973

A company called Decatur Electronics produced the first radar guns used by police in 1954.  The original technology used for these early radar guns was much like that of radio waves.  However, instead of the AM, FM, and now XM radio waves you have now it was X, K, and Ka frequencies received by radar guns.  Much like the progression from AM to FM to XM had in radios, the radar technology started with the X brand frequency with the first radar guns.  This would be so all the way up until the early 1970’s where the K brand frequency would take over.  As technology advanced, so did the frequency moving to the Ka brand which created a more powerful and accurate radar guns.

Of course, in today’s society we use radar guns and radar technology in many more things than just looking for speeding cars.  Car racing, archery, weather, airports, military use, sports like baseball, softball, golf, tennis, hockey, etc.    Makes me wonder what is in store for the future for radar guns.  We have come so far with this technology already and every year it continues to grow.  Make sure to keep reading for more updates and interesting news on everything radar and radar guns.


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