01 Aug

SpeedTrac X Radar Gun

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I ran across SpeedTrac X Radar Gun on OpticsPlanet.com and it really caught my eye.  This is a hands-free radar gun that can be used with almost any sport.  With the sports fanatic that I am, it is very appealing to me.  It lets me practice all my favorite sports and monitor my skill level without having to have someone else there with me.  That way I won’t have to be embarrassed if I’m not that good.  I can practice my pitch speed for baseball, kicking speed for soccer, slap shot speed for hockey, spiking speed for volleyball, serving speed for tennis, and so much more.

SpeedTrac X Radar Gun w/ Bag

The SpeedTrac X Radar Gun utilizes a larger three digit LED display that is built into the radar gun.  The technology that this radar uses is the same for many police radar guns, which is Doppler Radar Technology.  If you have ever used any SpeedTrek Radars before and thought that they were average at best, don’t worry.  The reliability and performance has dramatically improved due to a 2-layered PCB board that was newly engineered with superior quality board components.  This will improve both the durability and the functionality of the SpeedTrac X.  So, if you have a wild pitch and happen to hit your radar gun, it won’t affect the performance.  Another useful feature of the SpeedTrac X Radar Gun is the built in stand.  This enables you to stand your radar up and use it at ground level.  The stand also flips up and can be used as a handle or can be hung from something.  And, if you need your radar gun at a certain height, then you can just utilize the tripod port on the bottom, which can fit any regular camera tripod.

What a great product.  The people at SpeedTrac X sure did a great job putting together a great quality product that is easy to use and will last.  Make sure you go pick up yours today.  I will be sure to recommend the SpeedTrac X Radar Gun to everyone I know.


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