20 Aug

Illinois: From 65 To 70 MPH

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All police officers and law enforcement better get their radar guns ready in the state of Illinois.  Governor Pat Quinn recently approved the increase of the speed limit on rural interstate highways to go from 65 mph to 70 mph.  This change will go into effect on January 1, 2014.  Despite opposition from the Illinois Department of Transportation, leading roadway safety organizations, and State Police, Gov. Quinn signed the measure not only to raise the speed limit, but for other reason as well; such as the ability to reduce speed limits in the busier interstates in the city of Chicago.  Also, what was once considered to be excessive speeding at 31 mph over the speed limit will be reduced to only 26 mph over the speed limit.

Speed Limit Sign-70 mph

Start getting used to seeing this in Illinois

Police officers will have their radar guns going crazy with this increase in the speed limit.  People already tend to drive over the designated limit when it is only 65 mph.  Imagine how fast they will be going now.  I know personally I am not going to change my driving habits.  I usually go a little faster then I’m supposed to as it is and whenever I see that black and white squad car parked on the side of the road with their radar out, my heart skips a beat.  Now, I can just relax a little and know that I’ll be alright with the increased speed limit.

A few positive things about increasing the speed limit from 65 to 70 mph are; most of thecountry has already has speed limits of 70 or greater, also if you are in a hurry you will be able to drive a little faster and get to your destination a little sooner.  I’m sure all of us have been in that situation where we wished we had just five more minutes.  Plus, there could be less confusion with surrounding states that already have a 70 mph speed limit.  Drivers could go from state to state and not have to worry about changing their speed.


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