09 Jul

Puducherry, India Tries to Control Reckless Driving

Posted by Will Schueneman on
Radar Guns to Puducherry

Puducherry, India

The Puducherry Police Department is getting concerned about the amount of car accidents that are happening especially on the well traveled road of East Coast Road (ECR), which travels along a good majority of India’s southern east coast.  One way they are looking to solve the issue is by procuring speed radar guns.  This will help local police officers locate drivers driving to fast and dangerous.  Fines and tickets will be issued to those who are registered above the speed limit. Also, depending on how fast the speeder is going, a case might be made against them to revoke their license.  Another way Puducherry Traffic department looks to cut down on accidents is they will look for drivers that are “zigzagging”, especially youngsters.  Breath analysers will also be used to identify drivers under the influence of alcohol.  If someone is found driving while intoxicated, stern punishment is what awaits them.

It is great to see all the precautions that everyone is taking around the world to help make cities and streets safer.  I think for Puducherry, getting radar guns is a great way to start minimizing all the accidents going on in their city.  The slower people drive the more time they have to react if something were to happen.  It’s also encouraging to know that the United States is not the only country trying to make their streets safer, and that it is happening on the other side of the world as well.


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