31 Oct

One of the toughest issues facing police officers when tracking speeders is determining when and where it is most useful to station a police officer. Most drivers, especially those exceeding the posted speed limit, will slow down when in view …

24 Oct

The final scene from the film Batman Begins is one of my favorites. Commissioner Gordon asks Batman about escalation. What he means is that when police officers use bulletproof vests, bad guys use armor piercing bullets, and now that Batman …

21 Oct

Pretty soon Superman will no longer exclusively enjoy the ability to see through walls, as researchers at MIT have developed a new radar system that will allow them to create real time images of objects that are concealed behind concrete

18 Oct

Right up front I’m going to admit that I’ve never skydived. I want to, and someday I plan to, but I have yet to take the leap (pun intended).

Now that I’ve admitted my ignorance to most things skydiving, I

13 Oct

Conventional radar, such as the radar guns used by police, has a single, tightly focused beam of radio waves that is broadcast. One small area is being read at any given time. This is true for Doppler Weather …

10 Oct

Over the weekend at a golf tournament, Tiger Woods was just about to putt on the seventh green when a man stepped out from the crowd, yelled Tiger’s name twice and threw a hot dog at the famous golfer

06 Oct

I should first admit that I know very little about cricket. I’m an All-American Midwesterner, and if someone were to ask me to descibe cricket I’d tell them it’s somewhere between baseball and hockey. I’ve seen videos of someone

03 Oct

A British satellite manufacturer, the Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL), has just recently announced their plan to develop a new radar satellite that will not use regular optics to take pictures of the Earth, but rather use a radar imaging …