13 Apr

Radar Guns Errors and Law Enforcement

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Many motorists believe that they can talk their way out of a speeding ticket issued with a radar gun.  Wild excuses have been heard ranging from rain causing errors to calibration, all the way to law enforcement error.  The extreme majority of these offenders yields to the police radar gun and accepts their fine, yet in the UK, a seriously flawed radar gun has caused a bit of a stir for law enforcement that use the handheld radar.

The LTI 20/20 radar gun is a speed gun used in the UK.  The device, made by a US-based company, has been the source of much controversy since its introduction for its unreliable speed readings.  Tests in 2007 recorded a wall as traveling at 44 mph, an empty road recorded 33 mph, a parked car was clocked at 22 mph and a bicycle ridden at 5 mph was recorded moving at 66mph. A man is currently fighting his speeding ticket, demanding the source code of the radar gun to deny the improvement of the device.

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