09 Nov

Radar Guns in Construction Zones

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When the Summer and Fall months arrive, so do the areas of construction.  Radar guns become more and more necessary as motorists disobey the lowered posted speed limits near these zones.  Using a radar gun not only monitors the speed of passing cars and trucks, it also reminds drivers that traffic safety is a serious concept to keep in mind and that lives are lost everyday due to negligent driving.

Speed radar guns and laser radar guns help prevent speeders from making fatal mistakes on the road.  Constructions signs and traffic regulatory devices such as cones, temporary walls, and barriers signify the need for careful driving.  Many times lanes are narrowed so much that an officer does not have the space to commence speed detection with laser radar.  In these instances it is up to the driver to follow the rules and avoid unnecessary accidents.  Most of the time dangerous driving areas prove themselves as such.  For example, on I-75 in Florida, three accidents (two of which being fatal) occurred in the same spot last weekend.  

Make sure your local roadway do not experience similar disaster.  Outfit the force with the best radar guns offered at OpticsPlanet.  We carry police radar guns, sports radar guns, and everything else that law enforcement could need.  Stay tuned in to Radar guns blog.

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