28 Sep

Radar guns aren’t only used to protect highways and overpasses from speeding motorists; they can also be used to plan future speed limits.  A radar gun makes judging velocity simple and portable, combining ease of use with consistent performance. Law

22 Sep

A radar gun is often the tool of choice for law enforcement professionals that need speed detection devicesHandheld radar guns are portable, easy to use, and accurate.  Lately, many police officers have wondered about the safety of radar

18 Sep

Not every law enforcement volunteer is properly equipped with useful tools like radar guns.  Citizens that take the initiative to protect local intersections frequently are ill prepared to cite speeders that disregard school zones and posted limits.  A radar

09 Sep

This past holiday weekend brought many radar guns to metropolitan as well as suburban areas.  A radar gun was a police officer’s best friend, as fatal accidents witness a spike during these high traffic periods.  Law enforcement officials, and also …

03 Sep

Radar guns aren’t the only speed detection devices out in full force.  The beginning of classes marks the time when law enforcement steps up a notch near school zones.  Many cities across the United States are adopting red light cameras …