25 Aug

Neighborhood safety is in the hands of the entire community, and one police department is supplying the radar guns so that locals can take charge.  We all know that the sight of a radar gun along a highway or street …

18 Aug

Speedtrak Speed Radar

The United States is not the only country that is preparing the radar guns for school zones.  Vancouver cops are arming their police radar guns to get drivers to slow down in school and playground zones, hoping to keep young …

10 Aug

Many drivers believe that radar guns are annoyances that are used to generate income for law enforcement agencies.  Truthfully, a radar gun is so much more.  Speed radar guns are just a small facet of the preventative measures police officers

07 Aug

Police Radar Gun

Being such a necessary tool, radar guns come standard with a patrol officer’s kit.  He or she may receive a handheld radar gun like the Bushnell Speedster, or more sophisticated setup like the police radar guns from Decatur.  …