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The SpeedTrac X Radar Gun

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The SpeedTrac X Radar Gun

The new line of radar guns from Speedchek have been implemented with an unprecedented amount of improvements. As a brand already trusted by Opticsplanet.net, Speedchek has released the SpeedTrac X Radar Gun to provide an outstanding non-handheld speed checker unit to the industry. The upgraded SpeedTrac X is composed of a newly engineered 2-layer PCB board, an x-band Doppler Dielectric Resonator Module (identical to police radar guns) using a state-of-the-art FET (field effect transistor), and a new enhanced operating software that increases target tracking and identification. SpeedTrac Radar Guns are great for soccer, tennis, baseball, skating, and other sports, utilizing its large, 3-digit LED display to relay information to coaches, or even the player themselves! SpeedTrac radar can be attached to any standard tripod, and surely you will be able to find one suitable to your needs on our site here at OpticsPlanet. For every athlete that desires to track their performance without assistance, the SpeedTrac X Hands-Free Radar Gun is the one.

The SpeedTrack 52000 is more accurate and more reliable than the older SpeedChek radar guns, and can be operated with 4 ā€œCā€ cell batteries or an optional bundled AC adapter. With all of these powerful features, and a price that is unbeatable, this radar gun is nothing to look over.

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