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Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun

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Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun

For three years and counting, radar guns from Bushnell have been on the OpticsPlanet Bestseller list. The Velocity Speed Gun is no exception to this trend. Bushnell has provided an inexpensive radar gun that is perfect for many speed measuring tasks from clocking bat speeds to checking out how fast you can get that bicycle to go. The functional Velocity Speed has a large LCD graphics display, similar to high quality police radar guns, along with real-time measurements that are accurate up to ±1.0mph or ±2.0kph. Bushnell’s point-and-shoot grip allows this lightweight model to be held by hands of any size and strength, and also lets the Velocity Speed Gun be taken into any environment. Bushnell guns go hand in hand with a variety of sports such as baseball, tennis, and racing, all while staying mobile and powered by 2 C batteries.

The Velocity Speed Radar Gun from Bushnell is the go-to sports radar gun for almost any application you can think of. With its low price and free shipping offered by OpticsPlanet.com, this inexpensive radar gun has what you need. The Bushnell Radar Gun Speed Velocity manual can be downloaded here. Don’t forget to do your research with our buyer’s guide on how to choose a radar gun and our informative how-to guide to learn how they work.

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