12 Dec

For those of you who golf, you know more than anyone else how necessary perfecting your swing is using radar guns. The new Dual Mode Swing Speed Radar from Sports Sensors is the radar gun that may change the

12 Dec

Christmas is approaching faster and faster each day, and everybody is getting stressed out from trying to find that perfect gift for that special someone. Don’t worry yourself to death! The Speedster II Radar Gun might possibly be exactly what …

11 Dec

Radar guns are everywhere, whether we want them to be or not. They are pointed at us on the highway by patrolmen, and gunning our way during baseball practice. Have you ever stopped to think about radar guns as a …

09 Dec

The Bushnell Speedster Radar Gun, besides being one of the most cost-effective radar guns used in baseball, tennis, and soccer, is also utilized in the field of muscular research. In 2006, the Journal of Athletic Training published a study

06 Dec

Sports Sensors Baseball Glove Radar

One of the most

03 Dec

The Stalker Sport 2 Radar Gun

Baseball scouts all agree that Stalker is the leading brand in radar guns, and the totally redesigned Stalker Sport 2 is changing the face of baseball speed radars. The Stalker Sport 2

03 Dec

The SpeedTrac X Radar Gun

The new line of radar guns from Speedchek have been implemented with an unprecedented amount of improvements. As a brand already trusted by Opticsplanet.net, Speedchek has released the SpeedTrac X Radar Gun to provide …

02 Dec

Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun

For three years and counting, radar guns from Bushnell have been on the OpticsPlanet Bestseller list. The Velocity Speed Gun is no exception to this trend. Bushnell has provided an inexpensive radar gun that is

01 Dec

Bushnell Speedster II Radar Gun

Stay up to date with the latest in radar gun technology. The Speedster II Radar Gun is our best selling sports laser gun and a must have inexpensive radar gun for any little league coach …