10 Sep

Minimum Speed Rating

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There have been many recent questions regarding the minimum speed rating on the Bushnell Velocity Radar Gun and the Bushnell Speedster II radar gun. Some websites are advertising 10mph and others are rating it as low as 6mph. So what’s the deal?

If you call Bushnell and ask them, one person will say that it is rated at 10mph but they personally clocked another person running at 8mph. My personal Speedster II will not read anything slower than 12mph, so there must be some issues with the software of the unit. 10mph is a good average rating for the low end, but in all honesty, if you are trying to clock with precision at those slow speeds, get a more professional radargun. If you need slow speed precision, get the Decatur Prospeed Professional Sports Radar GunCR-1K. This unit will clock accurately down to 5mph.


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