13 Aug

GPS for Traveling Execs.

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For people who travel all the time, carrying street maps of every location you visit can be quite bulky and cumbersome. You also don’t need to be reading a map while driving on streets you are unfamiliar with. Enter the GPS: a fun piece of electronics that will give you street maps and turn by turn driving directions. GPS units are great for travel, but they don’t always meet the needs of someone trying to be discreet about being lost. The Garmin iQue M5 is the perfect solution.

The Garmin iQue is a PDA with a full function GPS built in. This GPS comes with Garmin’s MapSource City Select software that gives you detailed street maps of the US with audible turn by turn driving directions. The iQue M5 is also a full function PDA complete with MS Windows Mobile 2003 2nd Edition Software, 64 megabytes of memory, and an SD card slot for expansion.

The Garmin iQue M5 GPS/PDA is perfect for the traveler who uses rental cars frequently and needs to keep track of their appointments electronically. This Bluetooth enabled device easily connects to your cell phone, laptop, or other Bluetooth enabled electronic devices.


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