20 Oct

VA uses Radar for Crackdown

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The Virginia State Police recent effort (called Operation Air, Land and Speed campaign) enforcing speed limits has netted 5,231 citations. Police used both stationary and moving radar as well as aircraft (to time vehicles) to catch speeders. Besides speeding tickets police also issued hundreds of reckless driving citations while looking for speeders. Police targeted Interstate’s 81 and 95 near Radford University.

The crackdown came about because Virginia auto related deaths were raising (642 deaths in 2005 out of 17,608 crashes). During the campaign there were only 25 crashes on over 500 miles of interstate highway. The crackdown is expected to reduce the numbers for 2006.

Timing speeders with an aircraft (fixed wing or helicopter) is very expensive, especially when compared to running radar. Radar will also catch more speeders and is much easier to deploy and use.


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