25 Oct

Speeding on residential streets.

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Speeding on residential streets has become a chronic and even seems unsolving problem. As a police officer who operated radar in the early ’70s, I submit that speeding was a chronic problem then, but now it got even worse. Maybe you’ll be surprised, or maybe you’ll find yourself as one of them, but I’ll try to describe the people who speed and then together we’ll try to understand why they do that. These people are everyone from teenagers, young couples and parent, to grandpas and grandmas…. You can’t even name all of them there are as many as stars at night sky… The worst of the speeders is the one who violates the laws and rules continuously, so called chronic violator, he/she neither respect his/her neighbors nor takes responsibility for his/her actions. As you understand police with their radar laser guns can’t be everywhere 24/7 and solve all the problems we as the society and nation have to deal with. Nothing will ever solve the problem but our conscious and morality. Because only we, as nation, and more likely every individual can make a difference in our country and in the world.
So, please think about it…

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