25 Oct

Our kids safety and tons of training.

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I think that every mom will understand my feelings and inside worries about every child (not only ours) stepping inside the school bus. Every time I say good-bye to my son, I start praying and asking God to keep him safe and sound and keep him and other kids from crashes on the road. You never know what can happen neither today nor tomorrow and the most ridiculous thing is that no one can guarantee you the safety of your child.
That’s why I met with the transportation director in our region and several questions about school bus drivers, their training and education. And here’s what I got.
Every school bus driver has a state and national CDL and school bus drivers go through extensive training before they are ready to drive behind the wheel. They also must have two endorsements on that CDL. “S” – for the school bus, and “P” – for passenger. All drivers go through 30 hours of classroom training before they are allowed to drive a bus. In the training room, they learn general safety rules, such as how to pick up kids, and how to deal with difficult kids. They then go through five tests from the Department of Public Safety. When they pass, they get a driving permit. School bus drivers –to-be then go through approximately 20 to 30 hours of “behind the wheel,” training, where they learn unique situations for school buses, such as parking, while brushing up on general traffic rules. In average, the training can take anywhere from two to three weeks, depending on how well performs the driver. Every three years, school bus drivers take retraining classes to get caught up on school bus laws and safety. There also are the audio and visual cameras, which are installed in the school buses. Sleeping child alarms makes the bus driver walk to the back of the bus to check for kids who have perhaps fallen asleep and have been left behind, where otherwise, the bus driver would be done with his or her route, leaving the child on the bus. Radar gunsare also available to check school bus drivers’ speeds when driving.
I was very pleased with my visit and talk to the director, who at the end of our meeting shook hands with me and said, that they just want kids to get to their schools healthy, safe and happy. And I liked that, because it’s the exact same thing that we, their mothers want…..

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