23 Oct

New Radar Patrol Cars

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DANVILLE VILLAGE, OHIO is planning to finance a loan (fixed 5.25% interest rate for 5 years) to purchase a new police cruiser. Buy using a third party to install extras (including radar) the village expects to save a few thousand dollars.

The VALDOSTA POLICE in GEORGIA intend to purchase 3 fully equipped police cruisers that includes radar (of course) and a DUI detector. The Governors Office of Highway Safety will grant over $200,000 from the Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic fund (H.E.A.T.). The money is also to be used to hire 2 new officers dedicated to the H.E.A.T. team.

HAMILTON Police in CANADA now have a 2006 Blue Dodge Charger that costs $30,000 (Canadian). The vehicle is equipped with a stationary / moving microwave radar. Currently only 2 officers are trained to drive the muscle car. The Charger averages 300 kilometers (about 186 miles) per 12 hour shift, and averages 50 speeding tickets per day (averages 25 per 12 hour shift).


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