09 Oct

Merchants Request Police Use Radar

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Local merchants have complained for years about speeding traffic in front of their shops on 23rd Street in San Pablo, California. Customers complain to shop owners of fear in crossing the street because of speeders. Three of the top ten worse intersections (traffic collisions) are on 23rd Street (at San Pablo, Dover and Market avenues). The street (23rd) also has a school zone (25 mph limit) for Richmond High School and a business zone.

Merchants organized to request police enforce speed limits — and police have finally listened. Police will run radar regularly until motorist get the message — slow down. In August and September police issued over 200 tickets (most were speeding tickets).

Why did it take pressure from local merchants for police to act? Should police concentrate on writing tickets, or should police make their presence known? Most people automatically slow down (speeding or not) when police are visible.


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