15 Oct

Chicago gets lidars

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Until recently the city of Chicago operated a limited number of police radars (all fixed mounted microwave systems). Police state they had about a dozen radars, at least one city alderman claims police only had 3 to 5 radars at most.

In early September police started using newly purchased lidars (laser radars) most vigorously. Approximately 1,800 speeding tickets have been issued so far. Almost 500 tickets were issued during a 2 week period in the Northwest Side District (16th District) alone.

Police have formed a special task force for traffic enforcement. The newly formed traffic enforcement team is called the TARGETED TRAFFIC TEAM, or T3 for short. T3 will have a number of lidars and can operate in any of Chicago’s 25 police districts. Also plans include each police district have at least one lidar. It is estimated police currently have about 15 lidars, and plan to purchase an additional 50 lidars (for a total of about 60 lidars).

A number of media outlets reporting on the Chicago lidars state lidars are more accurate than radars (microwave). This is not true. Lidars can be more selective at short range, but are not any more accurate than microwave radar. Also lidars work best at relatively short ranges (less than about 800 to 1000 feet). Lidars cannot be operated from a moving patrol car.


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