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13 Dec

Sports radar guns have made an impact in a variety of different sports, these devices have opened up access to a vast amount of information that is important in relation to various sports. With the use of radar guns, athletes have been able to not only improve their performance but at the same time they were able to break records. Now when taking a look back into the year 2012 an Australian tennis player Samuel Groth set the world record for the fastest speed ever recorded to date. His swing was recorded at 163.7 mph which was 3.7 mph more than the previous record that was set.

This performance really shows that talented individuals exist in any sport as long as they put their minds to it. When looking back at this moment, none of it would be possible without the use of radar guns to record the speed of the tennis ball.

Moments like these really stand out as inspiration for other athletes as they seek to better themselves in their own specific sports. So go out today and equip yourself with a sports radar gun and start tracking your steps on the path to breaking your own personal records!

10 Oct

I recently read an article online that talked about two physicists from Vermont who developed a way to use X-rays at the atomic level in the form of a radar gun. As soon as I read this I was immediately fascinated that radar gun technology can be used in many different areas. This truly is an example of the fact that this is not limited to both sports and law enforcement. Scientists can also benefit greatly from using the Doppler effect. In this particular case it is being used to measure the motion and the velocity of a variety of groups of atoms to understand how they function. What makes this a neat story is the fact that this shows how even X-rays can mimic the technology that is used in radar guns. The way this is used is that through the tuning of the X-rays, the scientists can study the motion and the grouping of the various atomic groups.

Image Courtesy of Phys.org

Breakthroughs in scientific studies like these are always very informative because they can lead to other discoveries down the road. While this is primarily related to atoms and the study of them, there is one thing that made all of this possible and it all comes back to the radar gun technology.

Advancements like these in the technological world make me wonder what other possible uses there are out there in the world for radar guns. I suppose only time can show me what other various methods are out there. In the mean time I am very curious to see what information will present itself to all of us in the future!

07 Aug

Have you ever hit a baseball so hard that it went flying super fast across the field? I’m sure you were curious as to how fast it was traveling. Well now you can find that information out in an instant with the “SCOUTEE” product for your smart phone!

Image Courtesy of SCOUTEE

Image Courtesy of SCOUTEE

In a sport like baseball, statistics are very important and athletes are constantly attempting to improve their performance based on the results that they are producing. But there can be a hassle of recording all of your data on a specific radar gun. Well now with this portable device the convenience of having all of your data stored on your phone is something that will be appealing to athletes seeking to improve their performance in a baseball game.

What makes “SCOUTEE” unique is that it is the first of its kind, a smart radar gun. Through communication with your phone it can provide accurate results through a set of different data. This data can be then recorded and viewed as a video or seen in a data overlay.

I remember seeing this product when it was still on a crowdfunding website and it was fairly new. Now this product is something that is recognized worldwide throughout the baseball community.

13 Jun

Throughout the years beginning from the creation of the radar gun, there have been many modifications and improvements that have been made to the device over time. Fast forward to today’s day and age and we are about to see another major change to the radar gun industry! A Virginia based company called Comsonics is in the process of developing a radar gun that can detect drivers who are texting and driving.

Traditionally a radar gun is used for tracking the speed of a moving object while utilizing the Doppler effect. With the new advancement in technology Comsonics will make it possible to not only continue regular usage of the radar gun, but at the same time they will utilize radio frequencies to monitor cell phones.

The specific product model that is going to be released is called the “Sniffer Sleuth” which sounds like a fitting name for such an advanced device. This radar gun will really sniff out the reckless drivers and reduce the amount of accidents that take place in the United States. I personally believe this is a great advancement in technology and it will also give law enforcement the right tool to implement driving laws.

22 Oct
Photo Courtesy of USA Today

Photo Courtesy of USA Today

Now that the first game of the 2014 MLB World Series is underway, we find it extremely fitting to talk about the radar gun they count on to provide viewers with the pitch speed.

The Stalker Pro 2 is the official radar gun of all 30 MLB teams. Major League Baseball doesn’t just go with any radar gun either. Considering the importance of accurate pitch speed readings, they went with a unit that had features that would deliver the utmost consistency.

Stalker Pro 2

Stalker Pro 2

Allowing users the ability to measure speeds up to 500 feet away is a big big deal. This model offers several different modes including a baseball mode which is what i’d like to focus on. In this mode the bi-directional Stalker Pro II measures the peak aka release speed and plate aka roll-down speed of a pitch, as well as the velocity of a batted ball traveling in the opposite direction. Whats really awesome is that all three speeds display at the same time!

Stalker Pro II

Stalker Pro II

The Stalker Pro II  also comes with a slough of included accessories.

  • LED Speed Sign
  • Standard Deluxe Tripod
  • Hard Case
  • Battery Charging System
  • Cables, mounts and Manuals

Although it may be a tad bit on the expensive side, rest assured knowing that if the pro’s use it then it’ll outperform your expectations.

23 Nov

Bigger is always better and faster is always more fun, right? Well, not according to some people. Every year car companies come out with new models that always seem to focus on improving certain areas of the cars; technology, comfort, convenience, performance, and engine power. But is more always better? Faster cars mean that people will be driving faster and in turn be more dangerous. Some people have begun to take measures to try to keep a lid on the increasing traffic violations in their community.

The City Council in San Antonio, TX has approved the request of Councilman Carlton Soules from District 10 to use roughly $18,000 of the city budget funds to purchase four new radar guns and two radar trailers. These funds are usually spent on community events throughout the year but Soules decided it would be more beneficial to utilize the funds for something long-term. “This is a investment that should last us many years in the district. It’s something the neighborhoods wanted and we were able to do,” said Soules. [citation]

The radar guns will be primary used by SAPD Officers to monitor more heavily trafficked areas known for speeders. Other areas that will be monitored are schools zones and neighborhoods that also see a lot of speed traffic.

I think this is a step in the right direction when it comes to traffic safety. I’ll admit I find myself not paying attention to the posted speed limit at times which is a very bad habit. But if we can cut back on speeding an increase safety out on the roads then we may just be able to save some lives. What are your thoughts on traffic safety and speeding motorists?

24 Oct

Everything is becoming pocket sized in today’s technological world. Smaller phones, smaller computers, smaller cars. So why not smaller radar guns? Today’s product in focus is the Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar Gun. This pocket sized radar gun is considered the next generation of speed radar technology. It has helped countless number of Athletes improve their games and is sure to help yours as well.

Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar Gun

Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar Gun

The Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar Gun fits in the palm of your hand so you can take it anywhere you want to go and is extremely easy to use. It is accurate to +/- 1 MPH for a baseball up to 120 feet away, or even a car up to half a mile away. Not only will it measure ball or car speed, but will register lower speeds including runners. This would be useful to know each runners speed out of the batter’s box as well as their speed around the bases so you can put in your fastest players for optimal scoring chances. A useful feature on this hand held radar gun is the re-call button. It allows you to re-call the previous 10 speeds for comparisons.

Some popular sports that have been to utilize the Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar Gun are: baseball, softball, tennis, golf, racing, hockey, track & field, volleyball, soccer, football, lacrosse, and even cricket. This radar gun can be used as a professional tool or simply a training tool. Also, with it being made with the same plastic as hockey helmets, you know it will be durable and last a long time. Pick your Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar Gun / Sports Training Tool at OpticsPlanet.com. What would you use this radar gun for?

03 Oct

If you are ever in the market of needing to know how fast something is going, you should check out the Bushnell Velocity Speed Sports Radar Gun. Whether it is a car, a motorcycle or bike, or any type of sporting ball, the Velocity Speed Sport will do the trick.  This radar gun is a great tool that is very easy to use and extremely accurate. You can find it right now at OpticsPlanet.com.

Bushnell Velocity Speed Sport

Bushnell Velocity Speed Sport Radar Gun

This radar gun has several features that make it unique and sets it apart from other radar devices. Simplicity was the motto when the Bushnell Velocity Speed Sport was made. It has an easy to use pistol grip that you just need to point and shoot. Once the trigger is released the speed is displayed clearly on a large LCD monitor in either MPH or KPH, whichever the user prefers. And one of the great things about this Bushnell product is its accuracy being as close to 1 MPH or 2 KPH. This is because of the use of the best digital technology and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to help provide that accuracy in real time.

This is truly a great product at is extremely handy to have is you are a police officer or a baseball scout, or even if you are curious on how fast different things are. I would get the most out of it right now during baseball season myself.  With playoffs just starting this year it would be fun to bring the Bushnell Velocity Speed Sports Radar Gun to a game and see how fast the pitchers are throwing. What would you use this radar gun for?

18 Sep

If you are someone who loves to drive fast and finds it hard to obey thePenn Police Radar laws of the road by driving above the speed limit, then I would suggest moving to Pennsylvania. It turns out that Pennsylvania is the only state in the continental U.S. that does not allow police officers to use radar guns. Instead they use a method that includes a stop-watch like device, a mathematical formula, and two white lines on the pavement to determine the speed of motorized vehicles.

There have been some speculations that authorities do not want police officers to use radar guns to pull over speeding drivers because they do not want police stations to take advantage of this power to bring in more money to the police stations. I could see this being a concern however; I would hope we would put more faith in our law enforcement officers than that, to not abuse their power and the law. I think we should be focusing on all of the positives that could come from this versus the negatives. The biggest positive I would say with having radar guns would be safer streets. It will also make drivers more responsible and follow that speed limit more closely. Another is the ability to catch dangerous drivers who are under the influence of alcohol.

It shocked me to learn this fact that not all states are able to use radar guns to detect drivers that are speeding. Now-a-days we use radar in so many other ways like sports, weather, airports, military use, etc. Even the fact that almost every other state is already using them means that they do work and are beneficial.  If I were a citizen of Pennsylvania, I would want law enforcement to be able to use radar guns.  Sure, I am one of those drivers who like to go faster than necessary, but I know that the advantages would definitely outweigh the disadvantages of police being able to use radar guns.


Image courtesy of WikiCommons

04 Sep

Have you ever wondered where or when the first radar gun came into existence?  Well, I have, so I did a little investigating of my own.  It turns out that radar guns were invented shortly after World War II in the 1940’s.  By the time that the interstate highways were being constructed in the 1950’s, radar guns were all over the place.  Police officers needed some way to keep the new highways from turning into the Daytona 500.

Buffalo Squad Car

Buffalo Police Squad Car in 1973

A company called Decatur Electronics produced the first radar guns used by police in 1954.  The original technology used for these early radar guns was much like that of radio waves.  However, instead of the AM, FM, and now XM radio waves you have now it was X, K, and Ka frequencies received by radar guns.  Much like the progression from AM to FM to XM had in radios, the radar technology started with the X brand frequency with the first radar guns.  This would be so all the way up until the early 1970’s where the K brand frequency would take over.  As technology advanced, so did the frequency moving to the Ka brand which created a more powerful and accurate radar guns.

Of course, in today’s society we use radar guns and radar technology in many more things than just looking for speeding cars.  Car racing, archery, weather, airports, military use, sports like baseball, softball, golf, tennis, hockey, etc.    Makes me wonder what is in store for the future for radar guns.  We have come so far with this technology already and every year it continues to grow.  Make sure to keep reading for more updates and interesting news on everything radar and radar guns.


image courtesy of WikiCommons